We frequently work on photomatching whole collections for clients, and have photomatched many of the top collections in the hobby. Submitting your collection as a whole saves you significant time logistically as compared to individual submissions, and since no shipping is necessary for our service (we only need specific photos of each item), your collection can stay right where it is! Once a collection is submitted we typically work through it over the course of several months, splitting it into multiple groups of about 8-10 items per group. For high value collections we can also travel to you to see your collection in-person, talk with you about the best strategy for selecting items to photomatch, and take all of the photos of the items that are necessary for our research process.

Email us at info@resphotomatching.com to discuss submitting your collection.

“I call on the team at Resolution to photomatch items in my personal collection. I have the utmost confidence in the quality and thoroughness of their photomatching process.”

Derek Grady, Heritage Auctions