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The Leader in Game Used Photomatching! Here’s What We Offer:

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  • The Most Thorough Search: We know where to look, and use image sources in our research process that others don’t. In many cases, that can make the difference in finding a photomatch. We also have developed relationships with photographers and museum archivists who can often help us find images that aren’t online. And we have an extensive offline image database of our own that continues to grow. Simply put, we find photomatches that no one else can!

  • Experience: As the first side-by-side photomatching company, we have the most experience in the photomatching process. We know what to look for!

  • Guaranteed Best Price: When you send an item to Resolution, you know you’ll be getting the best price. We make sure of it with our Price Match Guarantee.

  • No Shipping Necessary: There’s no need to ship your items to us for the photomatching process. All we need are specific photos of all sides of the items, which can be taken with a smartphone or tablet.

  • The Most Value Added: It's the norm for items with Resolution Photomatches to reach record prices at auction. See our Value of Our Photomatch page for a number of concrete examples of this.



Babe Ruth Jersey Conclusively Photomatched To 1932 World Series And 1932 Home Opening Day Home Run

Just weeks after the sale of a record-setting Lou Gehrig jersey, a new jersey has taken its place at the forefront of the hobby. Conclusive Resolution Photomatches were made last week to a Babe Ruth 1932 jersey, to Games 1 and 2 of the 1932 World Series and to the Yankees' 1932 home opening day when Ruth hit a home run.

The 1932 World Series was the final one Ruth played in, and the Yankees won it in 4 games. The home pinstripe jersey was the only one Ruth ever wore in a World Series with his signature number "3" on the back. Ruth's home run on April 20, 1932 was the 615th of his career, and his 5th and final career home opening day home run at Yankee Stadium.

With the conclusive photomatches now made to this jersey, it stands in our opinion as the most valuable and most significant item in the hobby. The jersey is currently on display at the New York Yankees Museum at Yankee Stadium, along with a number of other items that have also been conclusively Resolution Photomatched. It was extremely exciting to be able to confirm these unparalleled photomatches.



What is a Photomatch?

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A photomatch is the best form of authentication for game used memorabilia because it’s based on photographic fact. Every game used item is unique. Whether it’s the way the mesh holes line up with the numbering on a Michael Jordan game worn jersey, a unique ball mark on a Mike Trout game used bat, or a scratch from a violent tackle on a Russell Wilson game worn helmet, every game used item stands out from others in some way.

When we find an image that shows a player using or wearing an item that has the exact same unique characteristics as the item in your collection, that’s a photomatch! A Resolution Photomatch connects your game used item to an image of it right there on the field or court, proving authenticity and showing your piece of sports history!


Value of Our Photomatch

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Lou Gehrig Photomatched Home Run Jersey Sells For $2,580,000

Jersey Sets Record For Non-Ruth and Becomes 3rd Highest Priced Jersey All-Time

We recently saw with great excitement a Resolution Photomatched item become a part of sports memorabilia history. That item was a 1937 road grey Lou Gehrig jersey, a spectacular piece brought to another level by Resolution Photomatches to 2 home run games. Conclusive photomatches were made to images from 8/11/1937 and 8/29/1937, 2 dates on which Gehrig hit 3-run home runs (see the auction listing with our complete Letter of Photomatch here). The final price realized of $2,580,000 set a record as the highest priced non-Babe Ruth game worn jersey, trailing 2 Ruth jerseys to make it the 3rd highest priced game worn jersey of all-time. It was a great pleasure for us to work on this jersey, and to conclusively confirm the historic photomatches.




“I call on the team at Resolution to photomatch items in my personal collection. I have the utmost confidence in the quality and thoroughness of their photomatching process.”

Derek Grady, Heritage Auctions


“We regularly use the services of Resolution Photomatching, and their level of customer service is top-notch. We trust their photomatching expertise and appreciate their dedication to getting it right. Integrity is as important to them as it is to us.”

David Kohler, SCP Auctions



DISCLAIMER: Resolution Photomatching does not have any affiliation with the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, or any members or players within these organizations. All images referenced in our photomatching process are used only to show specific characteristics relaying authenticity information about the memorabilia being researched.