The Process


Here’s how our service works:


1.       Submit your item: Click on the “Submit an Item” tab at the top of the page. Follow the prompts to upload the correct photos of your item, along with any information you have about when it was used. If you’re having trouble submitting your item through our website, send us an email.

2.       We’ll give you a quote: Once we receive your item, we’ll get back to you promptly with a price quote. The quote will include the price for if we are able to make a conclusive photomatch, as well as a significantly reduced price if a conclusive photomatch cannot be made. We generate our quotes using a pricing formula that ensures consistency in pricing for all of our customers. Factors that are considered by the formula include the estimated value a Resolution Photomatch will add to the item, and the duration of the time-frame in which the item may have been used.

3.       The search begins: Once the quote is accepted, we’ll begin researching to try to find a photomatch. We do a full online search using a number of photo and video sites, with whom we have contracts to legally use their images, for each item we work on. It typically takes us about 2-3 weeks to complete the search and get back to you with our findings. However, if you need the match sooner just let us know by checking the “Rush Order” box when you submit your item, or by sending us an email.

4.       Your item is photomatched: Hopefully, when we get back to you with the findings of our research we will have been able to photomatch your item! We will send you an email with the photomatch itself as well as a Letter of Photomatch, which gives more details about the match and includes a Match ID for tracking purposes (see images below). We will also mail you hard copies of the photomatch and letter. If we are unable to find a match, if applicable you will receive a letter with all of the dates that we eliminated as non-matches or deemed inconclusive.

5.       Stay in touch: If you ever want us to look up a match based on the Match ID or have any other questions for us, send us an email anytime at!